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Who We Are

SDMI Financial is an independent firm with years of experience specializing in Medical Benefits, 401K Design and Investment Advisory.  At our firm, we understand your desire to plan for your future.  We take the time to walk you through the steps to help you determine how to achieve your goals.

SDMI Financial has been trusted to provide employee benefit advice throughout the greater Bay Area for small to medium-sized companies. We offer valuable planning strategies and services for individuals and small businesses.  It is our goal to put our clients in the best place moving forward from year to year.

What makes SDMI Financial different is not only the range of insurance and financial products offered, but the quality and caliber of the service we endeavor to provide.

Our Core Values

Our company culture is a result of a shared set of values that guide everything we do, whether it is communicating with our clients, collaborating as a team, or giving back to our community.  Our values supply the compass by which we stay focused; providing independent solutions to our clients.

Professional Integrity: 

Openness and honesty are the foundations of our business.  We strive to maintain high ethical standards that are reflected in everything we do.

Client Satisfaction:

Our clients are a priority at our firm, and we go to great lengths to ensure they receive a prompt and courteous response to every inquiry and receive straight-forward advice through reviews.


We pursue excellence and professionalism throughout our organization in an effort to make our company great, and to best serve our clients.

Community Involvement:

We invest in our community because we understand the symbolic relationship between its success and ours.

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