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HealthCare Benefits

Group health insurance is employer sponsored insurance coverage for business owners and their employees.


A group health insurance plan is a key component of many employee benefit packages that employers provide for employees.


One of the benefits of using an Independenthealth insurance broker is the ability to research the entire marketplace without limitations.


This research gives you the best opportunity to reduce your overall insurance costs while keeping up with the changes in an evolving insurance market.


  • Customized health strategies.

  • Annual renewal meetings.

  • New Hire enrollment kits.


Group Medical Insurance

HR Administration & Tools

The HR Support Center is an HR lifeline helping businesses resolve the HR-related workplace issues they face each day.


What does the HR Support Center provide?


SDMI Financial's HR Support Center provides these services to our clients at no cost.


  • HR Support Center

  • Access State and Federal Forms

  • Receive E-alerts

  • Access the latest HR News updates

  • Monthly Newsletters


Additional cost may apply for:


  • HR OnDemand.  It offers our clients 24-hour assistance with their compliance, legal and employee relationships.  This additional service provides access to a team of HR professionals.

  • Employee Handbooks.  Build your own employee handbook, or customize with the assistance of an HR professional.

Retirement Planning

Although we have alternatives the 401K plan has become the capital accumulation choice for many of our nation's workers.  


This popular plan allows your employees to contribute a portion of their salary, on a pre-tax basis to the plan.  In addition, this money will grow tax-deferred, until withdrawn.


The election to defer is generally made through a salary reduction agreement between the employee and the plan sponsor.


By making the election, the employee authorizes the plan sponsor to withhold a portion of the employees compensation and deposit it to the employees account in the 401k plan.


This amount is called an elective deferral contribution.


  • Provides significant and immediate tax savings.

  • Provides a simple and effective way to contribute to one's own retirement.

  • Offers more liberal withdrawal provisions than most other tax-deferred savings vehicles.

401K Retirement Planning
Human Resource Services
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