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HR Administration & Tools

Offering you the tools to overcome all your HR challenges

Providing your business with personalized HR services to meet your needs.  Whether you have a dedicated HR department or are just starting out we offer the support and tools to manage all aspects of HR with confidence.

Dedicated HR Professionals 


SDMI Insurance  provides clients with access to a full service HR solutions without the cost of an in-house Human Resources professional. SDMI offers all our clients a "Triage" package of HR services. Your Triage Package includes a Support Center with an HR forms library, HR On Demand, HR Complete, newsletters, HR website access, and updates to HR laws and compliance.

HR On Demand

Most of the time HR related questions come up at the most unexpected times. We have an answer...

Whether it is a question on how to deal with a leave of absence, maternity leave, or an issue surrounding an employee, answers must be communicated quickly and accurate. Contacting an attorney can be overly expensive and often takes time for a response, unless you have them on retainer. SDMI's HR On Demand Service can save you time and give you immediate access to our team of professionals. Take the uncertainty, guessing and high costs out and connect with our HR team to get the concise and accurate information you need.

HR Library

Have you ever wanted or needed to do a little research on your own for an HR law specific to your state or an Employee Management related matter? Have you tried searching through Online websites for an answer and hoping its's correct? SDMI Insurance and Financial Services offers a full HR Library to our clients. You can easily gain Federal or State Law information with a click of a button. If you are looking for a specific topic or best means of administration, our search tool will provide you with the best checklists and documents to help manage your business.

Employee Handbook Builder

An Employee Handbook can be a critical item for an Employer to have complete. Without this handbook an employee may not fully understand company expectations and policies. This vagueness can have issues with employees not abiding to your expectations and can lead to a frustrating workplace environment. Many companies do not have an Employee Handbook or have not had it updated in years due to cost or time to put it together. At SDMI we offer our self guided handbook builder where you can have a full complete handbook in 30 minutes or less. We take the pain out of handbook's while keeping you compliant and up to date.

HR Complete

HR complete offers the industry's most comprehensive HR protection and support. In addition to all of our HR On Demand services, your client will be partnered with one of our certified HR Pros, who will conduct a comprehensive audit and ensure your organization reaches their HR compliance and strategic goals. We do this by having an action plan, quarterly business reports, regular check ins and more.  

HR Website Access


A Web-based HR support center offers easy to use tools which our clients can access to quickly obtain answers on many HR related questions.  Access to employment laws for all 50 states as well as all federal laws re-written in easy to understand language.  A complete HR Policy Library contains customizable Job Descriptions, relevant HR Forms, and a HR Audit to assess your needs and see where additional support is needed.

HR Administration


We ensure your needs are identified and provide full support on all levels of benefit administration.  Our additional HR services include:

  • Contribution strategy

  • Onsite benefit enrollment meetings

  • Custom enrollment kits 

  • Employee education materials 

  • COBRA Administration 

  • Enrollment meetings

Benefit Plan Billing Audit


Many times, employers think they are being over charged or don't understand their invoice as it gets balanced billed as employee are added and terminated. Different carriers have different rules as to how they process these  employees and the timing of when your invoice is adjusted. In addition, sometimes we don't notice we might be paying for an employee that has been long terminated. SDMI does a comprehensive audit that will clean up and clarify your invoices and can help to streamline your auditing process. 


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