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HealthCare Benefits

Group health insurance is employer sponsored insurance coverage for business owners and their employees.

A group health insurance plan is a key component of many employee benefit packages that employers provide for employees.

One of the benefits of using an Independent health insurance broker is the ability to research the entire marketplace without limitations.

This research gives you the best opportunity to reduce your overall insurance costs while keeping up with the demands in a changing insurance market.

We realize that companies like yours have options when it comes to choosing a health care provider, and as independent agents we are not limited to any one carrier, which means we have unrestricted access to the entire direct market, including Covered California. Offering insurance through our platform gives you the freedom to compare any carrier, to meet ACA guidelines, whether in or out of the marketplace. Based on the information you provide in our discovery meeting, this will allow us to identify the plans that will accomodate your business with the best choice of flexibility, cost savings and efficiency.

Customized Health Strategies.







New Hire




Employee Benefits

We know it's your job to grow your business. Attracting and retaining the best employees is crucial and is a big part of your company's success. We partner with you to design a benefit package to fit your needs while providing the best benefits for your employees.


SDMI Insurance helps you design a benefit package for your employees’ needs and your company’s budget.  Benefits including medical (PPO, HMO, HSA), dental, vision, life and disability plans, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), supplemental and voluntary plans, and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA).


Provide further peace of mind for your employees with income protection plans.  While everyone hopes they will never need to use income protection, unexpected injuries and illnesses will still occur.  It’s important to have the right income protection in place in the event of a misfortune so your employees and their families are covered in their time of need.


State and Federal regulations are constantly changing, we know it’s hard to stay on top of all that is happening in regards to employee benefits.  We offer the compliance tools you’ll need to avoid complicated issues in the future. From set up to implementation you will have the proper documentation and peace of mind you're using the best practices in employee benefits management. 

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